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VIASAT high speed satellite internet is looking for authorized dealers in your area!

As everyone knows the internet is becoming more and more prevalent and a necessity among
our society and demand for higher speeds continues to climb.

So ask yourself; Would you or your company be interested in becoming an authorized dealer
for VIASAT high speed satellite internet?

With VIASAT you would receive up to $380 plus a lifetime residual for each customer activated
and hefty coop advertising money.

All equipment is subsidized so there is NO OUT POCKET EXPENSE. If you do not want to be
involved with the equipment or installation you could utilize our fulfillment network where we
handle all equipment and installations.

VIASAT high speed satellite internet currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the
highest capacity broadband satellite in space and we are already in the process of building
another one with more capacity and coverage to launch sometime in 2016 from Cape

VIASAT high speed satellite internet is available everywhere.

VIASAT high speed satellite internet was rated #1 among every internet provider (that was
willing to participate in the test) by the FCC for delivering advertised speed and during the peak
hours over 90% of the customers were receiving 140% of the advertised speed. And there was
no difference between peak and non-peak hours. Hughes Net declined to even participate in
this FCC testing.

Here are some interesting facts about internet usage:
Internet users in the U.S. grew from 43% in 2000 to 78% in 2012 and is continuing to grow.
More 105 Million Americans now watch videos online daily which is up 43% over 2010.
212 Million Americans went online in May 2012 alone and the average web user spent over 29
hours online in that month.
There are over 30 Million "Unserved" or "Under-Served" households in the U.S. which
represent a huge profit opportunity for EXEDE high speed satellite internet.
As you can see, the demand for quality high speed internet in there and you as an Exide dealer
have the opportunity to profit from this huge segment of growing businesses.

There are also DIRECTV/AT&T retailer opportunities available.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to setup a meeting. I look forward to
working with you.
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