maak plasing gnstling Several Variant-sized Fibre Drums--retail for at least $30 per (Aspen) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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grootte / dimensies: 12" base X 16.5"
maak / vervaardiger: Greif Brothers
modelnaam / nommer: Lok-Rim Fibre Drums
toestand: soos nuut

The Aspen Institute needs to get rid of about 400 Fibre Drums with aluminum clamps in order to make room in storage. We like to recycle but do not have the manpower to separate the two materials as we are planning our big festivals for the summer. As a result, we are willing to give them away to someone-- you can recycle, sell the scrap metal, sell the drums (retail for around $30 a piece for the smallest ones and $55 for the largest), or do whatever you need with them.

Around: 250 55-gallon fibre drums: 21.5" diameter

93 30-gallon fibre drums: 18.5" diameter

56 12-gallon fibre drums: 15.5" diameter

The only requirement is that you have to be able to pick them up from our storage facility in Aspen. We can coordinate pickup-- you don't necessarily have to get them all but they all need to be gone on the same day.

Text or email for more details. First come, first serve, OBO.
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